What I have to learn with You : prompt

Minseok is out of the hotel as soon as he manages to put his bag on his room.

He is taking in all the different scents, all the different people, the noise of the city at 4p.m. and also the heat, which is unbearable, but Minseok has wanted this for so long.
Korea is nothing like Brasil, and this is exactly what he needs.

Suddendly a tap on his shoulder alert him to sun kissed skin and a bright smile.

"Hello, you must be Minseok! I'm Jongin and I will be your guide in Rio."

And just like that Minseok feels that he is about to enter a whole new world.
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I like pussy!AU - episode I

Warning: Genderbender!AU
Pairing: Jongdae/?, Jongdae/JungKook, Baekhyun/Joonmyun
Rating: (Mentions of sex?)
Summary: Jongdae could not believe her eyes when she saw that her neighbor Baekhyun was indeed in the same support group as her, as well as Joonmyun the local news anchorwoman.

Episode I |

Jongdae knows she must be crazy, looking at the screen for so long. She is obviously scared. What would her husband say if he discovered what she was about to search on google. What a ridiculous thought, JungKook had his own computer and he never even liked using hers, it was super old, slow and also had too much things on the desktop.
It was all about being a busy mom with two kids, ok? she just needed things and everything else in the same space. 'But why don't you just put it in different folders?' 'Because i can find myself in my own mess, thank you very much'. She just had to take a deep breath and do it.

I am a married woman and i'm ... - No, no no I don't know if I am or not.

I am a married woman and I fantasize about ... - Ok no, i need something that can give me feedback not magazine articles.

I am a married woman and i like other women - There i wrote it.

Looking at what she wrote, she can only think of how long it had took her to do this. This simple thing, like searching for people like her.
Not that she considered herself different from other regular mom's. She was happily married with a wonderful husband, had two amazing children, her family was fairly normal, well maybe except for her aunt, but she had a part-time job, helped in school fairs and all other events where society demanded her, and she liked it. But when she was alone, all to herself, the same thought came to her mind, over and over again. She fantasized about women, she liked to think about fucking women. She stopped counting how much she would imagine her husband being a woman even. He excited her, but only to some extend, after a while she could only get off thinking of it. She would look at her neighbors with more than a respectful look, just because she found her neighbor Hyorin legs amazing and she would like to grab them while she ate her out. Not that she knew anything about eating out anyone, but the things she liked her husband to do to her would be what she imagined doing to others.

It was so ridiculous she let it get to this point, she thought countless of times in seeking for help, but deep down she always knew she didn't have a problem. She even thought of proposing a three way, but a dinner at Himchan and Daesung's house proved it to be a terrible idea, even before she could open her mouth. JungKook had reacted so badly when he knew that the other couple had brought a random girl to play for an anniversary night that he almost fled the house without finishing dinner. Only recently did he return there for dinners,but for a while it had only been Jongdae. He wasn't even a religious man or a prejudiced one, so she could only assume that he truly considered marriage to be something sacred and all that.

The thing is, she didn't want to experiment and betray him, but she wanted to learn how to deal with it and possibly meet someone like her, but in order to do that she would have to search for help. She was aiming for remaining anonymous for a while, and what better way to get some answers and not compromise? Google.


A/N: this idea came to me after i discovered a person in my home town that was married but also had female lovers. i decided to search more about it. Rarely is ever heard of but it's so so common, and people just never consider this. PLEASE SOMEONE WRITE THIS, PLEASE TT_TT I BEG YOU ALL.
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oh! she kissed her, alright!

Pairing: Baeklay, Chenkai, Onesided!Xiuyeol

Fem!Yixing, Fem!Baek,

Best-friends with benefits!Baekyeol, crossover!gg,

These days baekhyun found herself thinking a lot. Too much, if she really had to be honest. But everything had taken a turn for the worst.
She was pretty sure Chanyeol would understand, but it still bothered her to some extent. It wasn't as if she didn't find boys attractive, she did. She was kind of in a <we are best-friends but we also fuck sometimes> relationship with Chanyeol for about a year and a half.

At first she thought they would end up liking each other like those teenage movies or books where the main characters have to go through some lame shit to realize they are in love with each other, but they did not.
In fact they were exactly the same. Chanyeol was still trying to woo Minseok and Baekhyun was just there, waiting for something better, and it's nothing to be offended about, Chanyeol just wasn't the guy for her. She needed friendship, sex but most of all, love. She seriously needed someone that she could be partner's in crime with, like her parents. Yes, her parent's relationship was her perfect example. They worked well as a team, still dated, and rarely raised their voices, they would calmly discuss things, explain their opinions/ different points of view and often arrange something that pleased both, or at least one had to buy dinner to the other. She sometimes thought they might be too boring, but after almost witnessing their desperate 'love making' in the garage, she was sure they were seriously the best couple ever. If they could do it, she could too, right?

But then if she hadn't gone to that party with Jongdae, she wouldn't be feeling so miserable. Jongdae being her cousin and best-friend, second to Chanyeol, seemed to think she had no social life, hence taking her to a party of a friend of a friend. To be honest she thought it would be mostly watching jongdae making out with Jongin, but oh boy, barely did she know it will be the start to it all.

They had yet made it to the kitchen when Jongdae ditched her with some girl, Yuri apparently, that was from his school and had heard a lot about Baekhyun from Jongdae himself (Baekhyun being polite enough not to say he however never, ever mentioned her before).
She was pretty, had wonderful hair and her legs were in a sort of strange kind of leather pants, but she was still gorgeous. And here she was talking with this beautiful girl about weird rock bands that they somehow had found they had in common, they weren't even drinking, but next thing she knows the question 'Wanna go somewhere else' had turned into being on some random room kissing each other and she is being groped and moaning and her hands are squeezing the other girl so hard, and 'HOLD THE FUCK UP... AM I KISSING A GIRL?' and still she could have stopped kissing her, but it felt so good. 'WHAT?' yeah and why didn't it feel like that with Chanyeol? I mean, it was still good, but somehow there was kind of something missing, and now here she was feeling more from kissing with a strange girl than with her 'fuck buddy'. She was completely sober and still at the end of the night she couldn't believe she had sex with some random girl, and on top of it all, liking it. Liking it so fucking much.

Of course it all could have ended well, the girl was polite enough to have asked for her number from Jongdae and helping her understanding her 'newly discovered likes' while making her cum so hard that she almost blacked out. but then the school year started and they just decided to leave it at that and just be friends. Which was still fine.

There was, however, one simple thing messing with her mind, more even because they were already in November and there was no way she could deny having a crush on the new Chinese girl, which (so cliché btw) Baekhyun was in charge of showing around and stuff.
The girl, Yixing, was oblivious, in everything. she was so so sweet, and Baekhyun longed for her, like she never longed for anything in her life. Not even food.

Baekhyun didn't know what was worst... having to tell Chanyeol he wouldn't be having more help in getting off (he was starting to get suspicious about Baekhyun's lack of time since summer), telling Jongdae she did more than talk with Yuri, or trying to woo an oblivious Yixing, even though she wasn't even sure if she, herself, was bisexual or a lesbian or if Yixing even liked girls.

Congrats Baekhyun you officially just made your high school life more interesting!


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Drabble/Prompt: I wish i was a guy

Pairing: fem!Xiumin/Luhan

Xiumin is so tired of always pretending. It's not like she pretends she loves Luhan, because she doesn't. But she does pretend that Luhan loves her too. She should have ended things when she knew. But now it's five years to their relationship and still Luhan keeps attempting to fool everyone. But the thing is, everyone knows. Jongdae and Xiumin have discussed it so many times, and of course Xiumin should follow the advice, but the truth is that she loves Luhan, as a person. She could even not have sex, she has achieved that despair moment where she only wants to keep him. They are best-friends and a lot more.
It kills her to see Luhan trying so hard to fool everyone. And despite knowing that he is gay, she will try until he breaks up the relation. She is just waiting for him to be honest with her and break things up. She deserves that much, even if she knows she will be devastated after, she is expecting it, because how long can a gay man keep trying to fool himself and everyone else around?

'Will you marry me?'


Apparently a long time.

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Prompt/Drabble My eyes

Pairing: SuMin / friend!BaeKai

They were fucked. First of all he knew he would not pass Creative Drawing I, even if he tried to. But now it all just had escalated to hell to be honest.
The teacher had assigned the seats for the exam, and he and Kai were turned to the window. He was kind of worried because out this specific window all there were was buildings, nothing else.

To make things worst right when he was looking for inspiration Kai had dropped a fucking tainted brush on his sneaker, and when he was about to scold him, he had finally noticed where Kai was looking, as if in trance. Outside the window, there had been two males, fucking against the window of one of the closest buildings. Like mad too. And they were looking to them as well. And to make it worst he did not seem to be able to take his eyes from the scene. He kept remembering what the teacher had said.

'For this exam, you will look ahead of you and draw what you see...'

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Prompt/Drabble You Did Not

Pairing: Baekyeol

'So good you decided to join us Chanyeol.'
'Guys, you won't guess what happened'
'Do tell us chanyeol...'
'I found my mate and marked him'
'You what??'
'So where is he?'
'On the alley where i marked him'

Chanyeol winced when he heard 10 people face-palming.

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Drabble/Prompt: When you cheat Everything suffers

Main pair: Chen/Kai
Side pair: Chanyeol/Suho

Chen had been working for years, 10 years to be exact. He still remembered when he left the factory, and when he was bought, his owner Suho said he was a great investment, and Chen was also happy to be bought and he still remembers the first pair of pants he ironed. Yes he was an iron and his duty was to iron clothes, and he was happy.

However the most happy thing that ever happened was when he met Kai, Kai was a simple white shirt. He was Chanyeol's, his owner boyfriend, shirt. He was so soft, even after being washed without conditioner, he still remained soft as ever. Chen liked how Kai was so soft that it was hard to iron sometimes. So he had to iron Kai extra-time, and that allowed them to spend more time with each other. He liked specially that Kai seemed to like spending time with him too, even if that meant him being extra hot and a bit sensitive.


The problem started when one day, Kai appeared with a mark, angry red, almost fading. Chen could see the mark so well, and he was angry, because the machine hadn't taken the stain, leaving Kai marked, in the middle of the soft wonderful white. It wasn't as if they were together, but somehow Chen felt as if Kai was his. He was the only one who could mark Kai, and apparently his owner felt the same.

Kai now had two marks, He wasn't happy with any of them, but he thought that if he had to be marked, at least one mark should be of Chen.

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another kind of intimacy



I can't believe it, you of all people. Oh my god, wait till the guys hear this.

Luhan please don't do this ok .... i couldn't control it.

Well you certainly could not, i could smell that

Luhan, can you please stop?

No i can't, we have just passed the mystery part on our relationship and i wasn't ready for it. oh my god, you didn't even warned me!

Are you insane? If i had time to warn you, you would not have seen it or smell it, now can we just drop it?

No way, the mystery is gone now, i wonder what this will change in our relationship.

Wait are you serious right now?

Of course i am, you farted in front me, you Kim Minseok the one that can't even be in the same bathroom with me taking a leak; You that is all mystery when you are in the bathroom. How would you like me to react? Of course i am making a big deal out of it.

Does that mean you love me any less?

Minseok, how dare you? Of course i love you just the same! Possibly more, but believe me when i say that starting next time you have no excuse to restrict me from the bathroom while you are in it.

You are impossible!

Just you wait for it.

I am locking the door!!

I have the key, so don't worry.

I hate you!!

I love you too!!